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    Temple Leaf Spa Land is rated as one of THE BEST SPA in Ho Chi Minh City

    Despite being located at central of District 1, Temple Leaf Spa Land suprisingly has many good massage deals.

    Massaging has many benefits such as skin recovery, body recovery, and is a good stress reliever.

    In addition messaging has many health benefits such as pain relief, recovering functionality of body parts, increasing blood flow, removing toxic elements in your body, an last but not least improving your sleep.

    We have many services that can be suitable for everyone such as Body Massage, Neck Massage, Shoulder massage, Hot Stone, Korean Style Body Scrub, Skin Peeling, Bath & Bloom Signature Massage ...

    You'll recieve a cup of hot green tea and a delicious dessert item after a message session.

    Treat yourself after a tiring day. Come to Temple Leaf Spa Land to experience the best massaging services.


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  • B&B Facial Care

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    B&B Facial Care

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